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a hidden treasure on the Adriatic coast, tempting with breathtaking beauty and cultural diversity. The country, which takes its name from its dark mountain peaks, offers travelers a fascinating mix of historical heritage and natural splendor.



Montenegro is not only a place for nature lovers and those interested in culture, but also for connoisseurs. The local cuisine, influenced by Mediterranean, Slavic and Oriental influences, offers delicious dishes accompanied by local wines and the famous fruit brandy, Rakija.

In Montenegro every traveler will find their own paradise, be it in the mountains,  by or on the sea  or between the historic walls.

Montenegro is located in a seismically active zone, which is why earthquakes can occur. Familiarize yourself with what to do in the event of an earthquake.



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For German citizens, entry is possible with a passport, temporary passport and ID card (max. 30 days). Entry is not permitted with a temporary identity card All documents should be valid for three months upon entry.

If you stay longer than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit.

Police registration

Foreign visitors to Montenegro are obliged to register with the police within 24 hours of their arrival at their respective place of stay. Failure to comply with this reporting requirement can in some cases result in penalties.

Tourist tax

Montenegro charges a tourist tax. Depending on the region, around €1 per person and day is due. Payable at the “Bar Tourism Department” 400 m from the jetty.


Although Montenegro is not a member of the European Union, the € is the official currency.


As in many countries, there are petty criminals in Montenegro. Pickpockets and car break-ins are possible.


There is a selection of supermarkets near the harbor, within easy walking distance. If you are planning a larger purchase, HDL Market could be an excellent choice. This supermarket is characterized by its wide range, generous selection and plenty of parking spaces. With just a short 5-minute drive from the port, HDL Market offers a convenient option for comprehensive bulk shopping.


The telecommunications infrastructure in Montenegro is modern and well developed. Mobile networks provide wide coverage and Internet services are widely available. Montenegro is not a member of the EU and therefore your own cell phone tariff (rooming) cannot be used here. You can buy prepaid cards on every corner that can be used for making calls and surfing. e.g. B. 7 days, 500 GB, for €10.

Tip: You must present your ID/passport when purchasing a prepaid card.


The road network in Montenegro has improved significantly in recent years. The Adriatic Highway connects the coastal town of Bar with the capital Podgorica.

The rail network in Montenegro is limited but is concentrated on important connections, particularly between Bar and Podgorica. This route is only single track. However, we can’t say anything about its reliability.  For further information and train timetable information.

Health/Medical Care

Medical care in Montenegro does not always meet German standards. Hospitals sometimes lack adequate equipment and may not be able to adequately treat patients with specific medical conditions. General hygiene is also not always sufficiently guaranteed.

It is strongly recommended that you take out international travel health and repatriation insurance for the duration of your stay abroad.


In some regions of the country, there is a risk of transmission of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) through tick bites during certain times of the year. It is strongly recommended to consult a travel or tropical doctor well before entering the country to obtain information about a possible vaccination.

Snake bites

When hiking in nature and in the hinterland, it should be noted that numerous species of snakes, including some poisonous species, occur in many parts of Montenegro during the warm season. Particular caution is therefore required in rocky areas and tall grass.


In addition to our general disclaimer, please note:

The accuracy and completeness of the medical information cannot be guaranteed and no liability is assumed for possible damages. All information depends on the individual travel conditions and does not serve as a substitute for a medical consultation and detailed medical advice. The information provided generally relates to direct entry from Germany into a travel country and is particularly tailored to longer stays on site. Deviations may be possible for shorter trips and entries from third countries.

Source of information: Federal Foreign Office